Sandy the Midwife

After my first lecture in 1986, I wanted to be a midwife. Having qualified in 1987, I have worked as a midwife in both hospitals and private practices since then. I started Midwives Inc with Joy Mc Pherson in 1993. We worked together for many years. However, after her death, I changed the name of our practice to Birthing Naturally.

I believe that birth is a physiological process wired into every woman. In order to engage this natural process, a woman needs a supportive environment along with encouragement so that she feels confident and trusts her body. I believe that this is important for every labour no matter the outcome.
My goal for every woman is for her to have a strong support structure during her labour and birth since it is an incredibly vulnerable yet exciting time. It is a magical moment when parents meet their little being who has been growing for the past nine months, and it is my greatest joy to make this moment special for every parent.

Since my ultimate goal for all of my patients is to have a supportive, nurturing birthing experience, I have created Art of Birthing. Art of Birthing is a course for pregnant women who want to deepen their connection to their unborn baby so that motherhood is not frightening, but is empowering.
For more information on this course, you can read through my website: